Our ReservoirCap is the optimal solution to an increasing demand for mixing substances right before use.

The ReservoirCap is delivered with a ready-to-fill reservoir. The ingredient is simply poured into the open cavity at the top of the cap.

After completing the easy filling process, the reservoir is quickly sealed by pushing firmly down on the top provided. The ingredient is now completely enclosed in the cavity protected from all outside influence. No further sealing equipment is required. Then screwing on the top of a standard bottle with PP28 neck finish, filled with a liquid. If requested the reservoir can also be filled after the reservoir cap is screwed on a bottle filled with liquid. Activating thru turning the smaller cap, the reservoir will be open and the substance form the reservoirs fall into the bottle.

The caps can be produced in clean room and pharma or food grade material.

• No investment in equipment to fill
• For standard PP28 bottle necks
• No aluminum