Complete, one-source solutions

We offer a wide range of additional services especially for the pharmaceutical industry to ensure your product is delivered in accordance with your specifi cations. You save time and money avoiding extra work steps in your own company. We start by selecting the suitable raw materials in compliance with all necessary certifi cations and continue with our sterility and particle absence guarantee. Our 40 highly sophisticated molding and assembling machines – in part equipped with control cameras – ensure outstanding quality and security in production. Intelligent airlock systems and pest control guarantee highest product safety.

Production and further processing in class 7 clean room

Closures with Drug Master File

Raw materials and sealers certifi ed according to EAB and USP Class VI

Notable partner companies for steam, gamma ray and ethylene oxide sterilization

Naturally, you will receive a sterilization certifi cate for your product

DIN EN ISO 15378 certifi ed quality management system in primary packaging for pharmaceutical products since 2009.