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Our ReservoirCap is the optimal solution to an increasing demand for mixing substances right before use. The ReservoirCap is delivered with a ready-to-fill reservoir. The ingredient is simply poured into the open cavity at the top of the cap. After completing the easy filling process, the reservoir is quickly sealed by pushing firmly down on… Read more »


The revolutionary NFCap  permits contactless communication with every NFC-enabled smartphone. Practically every modern smartphone has an NFC reader. For those without the NFC feature or for phones using iOS, there are suitable add-ons available. NFC technology can be integrated into most of the KISICO standard products so no further costs for new injection molding tools… Read more »


Unrivalled Protection For Your Products KISICO presents the hologram topped cap. This innovative design features a hologram that is fully integrated in the production process of the cap, thus requiring no additives, inks, or labels. The style of the hologram can be individualized according to customer needs. The technology can be applied to any existing… Read more »

2K|3K Caps

Two and Three Component Caps The innovative, patented three component caps for pharmaceutical and diagnostic industries are a revolution on the packaging market. The autoclavable cap can be punctured with an injection needle several times and includes a lid protecting the puncturable zone against contamination and ensuring sterility. Whether two component or multicomponent is required,… Read more »


Bioplastic Caps Faced with the steady increase in raw material prices, bioplastics offer a medium- and long-term alternative to plastics made of fossil reserves. In addition to gaining independence from mineral oil and supporting local agriculture, bioplastics offer further advantages with regards to biodegradability and life-cycle assessment — although the latter is subject to controversial… Read more »


In the Pharmaceutical Industry there are special demands on packaging, especially on primary packaging inevitably coming in contact with the therapeutics. This does not only refer to the product quality but also to the used raw materials which must have suitable permissions and special availabilities. Regarding the batch documentation and the traceability we fulfill the… Read more »


Over 60.000 possibilities The standard product range consists of a customer friendly building block system. Customers can choose standard forms from a portfolio which has been growing for over 60 years. Choice of color and material follows, and then, depending on the closure and the intended use, the selection of the appropriate sealing inlay. KISICO… Read more »


Extreme protection for high demands Chemical analysis and laboratories require closures which can stand up to special conditions, whether those be extreme temperatures, aggressive chemicals or pressure. The demands placed on the closure must equally provide content material protection, accident prevention and environmental protection. Careful and thorough planning is imperative to ensure that every potential… Read more »


Complete, one-source solutions We offer a wide range of additional services especially for the pharmaceutical industry to ensure your product is delivered in accordance with your specifi cations. You save time and money avoiding extra work steps in your own company. We start by selecting the suitable raw materials in compliance with all necessary certifi… Read more »


Our experience of over 60 years is not merely limited to the development and production of caps and closures. Additional packaging, medical devices, technical products and products for the automotive industry are included in our services as well. A complete solution for a packing problem does not always mean simply an elaborate closure. We recognize… Read more »

Sealing Disks

As packaging specialists we provide the appropriate sealing disk for every application and all contents, reliably selecting the right sealing possibility for the task at hand. We seal your products safely and securely – even critical contents such as aggressive chemicals or silicone oil. For pharmaceutical purposes we provide sealing disks for sterilization with hot… Read more »

Dosing Caps & Measuring Beakers

Our many years of experience in the development of one-piece caps with dosing function, measuring beakers, dosing spoons, dispensing inserts, droppers, pouring rings and systems with spatulas and brushes enable us to offer many of these articles as standard products. Measuring beakers and dosing spoons for the pharmaceutical industry are classified as medical devices and,… Read more »

Child Resistant Caps

Children are very curious, want to discover and try everything out themselves. Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or detergents with a “normal” cap cannot provide efficient safety. Not only in order to obey laws, but also to generate an image of responsibility child resistant caps are not only essential and sensible in order to comply with legal requirements… Read more »

Tamper Evident Caps

Many applications require that when a bottle is opened, the contents inside are still in the same condition as when it was closed. Guarantee your customer impeccable quality by protecting your product against unauthorized opening. When integrated into the closure, tamper-evident caps represent an elegant and cost efficient solution. The distinct advantages offered by such… Read more »

Desiccant Caps

To optimally protect chemical and pharmaceutical products against moisture, we develop special desiccant caps for your individual needs. KISICO’s special cap design features a high water absorption capacity. Moisture is drawn from the product through a water vapor permeable membrane and absorbed by the drying agent in the cap. Our caps are manufactured in compliance… Read more »