2K|3K Caps

Two and Three Component Caps

The innovative, patented three component caps for pharmaceutical and diagnostic industries are a revolution on the packaging market. The autoclavable cap can be punctured with an injection needle several times and includes a lid protecting the puncturable zone against contamination and ensuring sterility.

Whether two component or multicomponent is required, all caps are available in various types such as a cap with a membrane-sealed hole which will accommodate multiple punctures with an injection needle and ensure reliable pipetting of various substances, or a closed cap which can show tamper-evidence or be child-resistant.

Due to the injected liner, the caps feature the following advantages:

– Highest sterilization guarantee because there is no cavity or gap behind the liner

– No moisture can collect behind the liner after autoclaving

– No impenetrable areas which are not sterilizable

– Highest autoclaving guarantee because the liner is bonded to the cap even if the bottle is under vacuum

– No adhesives

– Several food and medical approved versions (up to USP Class VI) are obtainable

– Numerous versions available as standard product